General Terms and Conditions of the Internet Store


These pre-war notices and general terms and conditions apply to notices for buyers and general terms of business of the internet store, Equipment for the breeding of (hereinafter: the Internet store or Webshop)  (hereinafter: the Seller)

Meaning of terms:
User - Visitor Website

Guest is a user-registered buyer

Registered User - Registered Website Visitor - Buyer, can access other content on-line editions and give their comments.

The seller (service provider) is a trading company


Mob: +385 097 761 27 98


The buyer / consumer / buyer through this internet store (registered user) may only be a full-time physician and a fully-fledged business person or a lawful person who is doing business properly.

By using an internet store, it is considered that the buyer has given consent, that is, that he has accepted these pre-contractual notices and terms of use as an integral part of the consumer / sales contract.

The User is responsible for the accuracy of the information he has provided for the purposes of using Webshop or the purchase.

The Webshop allows you to purchase the merchandise from the offer - sales assortment of the seller and available quantities, relating to the equipment, parts and the like (hereinafter: product) through the internet store / shop on the vendor's website.

These pre-contractual information and operating conditions, in the case of a purchase, constitute an integral part of a consumer / sales contract which, in accordance with the law, is considered a contract concluded remotely.

These Notices and Terms of Use are subject to change at any time. Therefore, every time you visit an Internet store you need to be familiar with the notices and terms of use because the seller will not be responsible for the consequences of changing the web content.

By using the internet shop, the buyer / consumer (hereinafter referred to as the buyer) agrees to these published notices and general terms of use.


The terms and conditions of use and use of the Website and the conclusion of distance contracts through the means of distance communication shall be governed primarily by the Terms and Conditions herein, unless the parties (Seller and Buyer) agree otherwise. The terms of operation and use are subject to the Consumer Protection Act (NN 41/14) and the Mandatory Obligations Act (OG 35/05 and OG 41/08). Pay special attention to the difference between the terms of purchase (contract) at the point of sale at the point of sale and purchase (contract) concluded at a distance (Internet store, purchase via phone catalog sales). In terms of business and usage you can also find:



When ordering the product with the means of distance communication, the Buyer will be immediately acquainted with all the prescribed data referred to in Article 57 in accordance with Article 66, item 2 of the Consumer Protection Act.


The language of communication on the seller's website is the Croatian language.


The buyer undertakes:

- It will not enter or distribute through the website any content that is contrary to legal regulations, content that violates other rights and interests, and threatening, vulgar, pornographic, and similar content. The Service Provider / Seller has the right to prevent access to users on web sites that perform actions contrary to these General Terms of Use and is not responsible for this.

- it will not violate the intellectual property right, that the documents, data and information published on the web site will not be reproduced, distributed or used in any way for commercial purposes but for personal purposes, while respecting all copyright and proprietary rights of any service provider or third party.

By using the contents of these websites, the User of the Website / Customer accepts all risks arising from such use and accepts to use the Website Content / Webshop for personal use and at their own risk.

The Service Provider / Seller does not guarantee the accuracy, authenticity or reliability of any information and data stored on the Web site if and when the data is downloaded from another source.

The Service Provider / Seller will not be liable for any possible consequences resulting from inaccessibility of the Website for technical reasons or disruption of the Internet connection while using the Webshop, nor will it bear the costs of using computer equipment and telecommunication systems to access the web site and the internet store.

The service provider / seller excludes personal, material, misdemeanor and criminal liability for any misuse of any of the products from the website / store, using the intended purpose of the product declaration.